Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My new garden companion

Last week, this feathered friend adopted my front garden as its home.

We spent a good half hour hanging out together while I watered the yard and pulled some weeds.  It would walk gently over to whichever area I just watered and pick out the bugs that crawled to the surface.

This same crow has been my garden companion every day since.  I've never been a fan of crows before as they tend to be very loud at 5:30am and then make a mess digging up holes in my garden.  This crow is different.  It never makes a mess when looking for bugs and treads lightly through the garden, avoiding munching on any plants.  Yesterday, it perched on the hood of my neighbor's station wagon while I gardened.  It reminded me of my chickens on their perch.

I need as much help as I can get battling the bugs in the front yard, so I'm thrilled to have this new addition to my garden!  Now, if I could just train it to scare off the squirrels that keep planting avocado pits all over my yard, I'd be all set!  What wildlife have you welcomed into your garden?


  1. I dislike crows...but have found that they eat snails, so that is a good thing. We also have bunnies...but they are in the front yard where there is not an edible garden. The rats and mice feast on my treasures and I am having a heck of a time keeping them from eating my treasured dumpling peaches before they get ripe. We have finally resorted to wrapping the entire tree in netting and I think that might be the trick!

  2. This is pretty fascinating. I have never seen a crow act like the one you have hanging around before. Mine act the way you described the others: making a mess and crowing at 5:30am - I was awoken to that sound just this morning. LOL.

  3. That's very cool! I'm deathly afraid of crows... if you want to see me run, send a crow in my direction. But your crow seems more friendly.

    We have a neighborhood pea hen, "Penny", that has lived in our bushes for almost 2 years now and I adore her. She also likes me since I'm typically the one who feeds her...

    Jennifer :0

  4. One handy garden companion. Love your garden.

  5. Too funny that you have such a well-behaved and helpful crow!

  6. Awww! So nice to have a buddy. I used to have a rooster but I haven't seen him in quite a while.

  7. I have the cutest bunnies that come into my yard and eat my strawberries! I don't have the heart to shoo them away, they look too adorable.


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