Thursday, June 2, 2011

Harvesting Garlic

I finally harvested all of the garlic from my front yard this week.  The last few weeks walking by the garlic patch, the plants became quite fragrant. It was like driving though Gilroy!  The stalks had turned mostly yellow and were starting to dry out.   It was time.  I unceremoniously yanked one out of the ground to see if it was ready, and it was!  So I grabbed a bucket and yanked out the rest.

All 24 of the cloves I planted last October sprouted up and made new heads of garlic. The range of sizes, though, is crazy!

After brushing the loose dirt off the heads with a dry rag,  I bundled them into bunches of 3 to 5 heads, tying them with twine at the top.  This is soft neck garlic, which needs to cure for 4 weeks before storing. I plan to braid the medium sized ones to hang in the kitchen, while saving the largest for replanting and using the smallest ones to cook with first.  In the meantime, I've hung the bundles on a rack in my husband's work shop, as a lovely garlic scented air freshener.

Did you plant garlic this year?  What are your favorite varieties?  I think I will be adding a few more varieties along with this White Sicilian variety to my garden this fall and would love some suggestions!


  1. I've never planted garlic but think i will try it next fall. Di you but planting cloves or just plant the cloves form an organic head from the market?

  2. Wow, this looks awesome and totally inspires me to plant garlic someday!! Yum.

  3. I also planted garlic about the same time you did and I think I pulled them up the same day too. Thanks to your description, I now know what to do with them. :) Now the trick is to actually find the time to go hang them up.


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